At the age of 22 I’m afraid I am at the brink of “adulthood”. However, with that new status comes a greater appreciation of the world around us and how exactly we as individuals fit into to it all . . . that is a very deep sentence written by a not-so-deep kinda guy, but maybe its time for that to change.

Image may contain: 1 personMy name is Ethan Wrigglesworth. British born, University of Exeter post-graduate student and lover of the natural world.

So far I’ve plodded through life focusing on what makes me happy; travelling, exploring nature/theĀ out-doors, delving into science and interacting with others to better understand the world. Its been amazing and I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the opportunities to see beautiful places and meet inspiring people across the globe. Yet I’ve always been one to bottle up my opinions and let things go on around me without imposing my thoughts. It came to my attention recently that perhaps its time to be more open and expressive of how I see things, not because its going to change the world blah blah blah, but because I believe its easy to have this ideal life on the inside and not actually live it on the outside.

Anywho, a great deal of my posts will feature current scientific research that I’m doing as a post-graduate student with the University of Exeter (I’ll explain more in post). I’ll also post on life style choices I make such as sustainable living, out-door hobbies, nature and general events occurring around me and maybe even the world.