Introduction to an ambition

Over the past year or so my eyes have been opened to a way of life that I’ve come to admire and see as a reality. During my post graduate research I was based for fieldwork at Cape Eleuthera Institute in the Bahamas, and it was here that I witnessed how self-sustainable living can work. The institute campus is made up of three departments, one of which is the Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD). Within CSD, righteous masterminds come up with all sorts of innovative ways of using waste products to fuel the vehicles, build insulation or even construct whole buildings and infrastructure. It was super inspiring to see how it all functioned for the small community that lived and worked there.

So it got me thinking, could I do something similar for myself and future family?

Well obviously what the campus had was the product of many incredible thinkers and is generally based around a knowledge of engineering and design that I frankly lack. However, self-sustaining food production was something that really caught my attention and is an area that I believe isn’t too far fetched from reality. I’ve always felt that producing your own food is one heck of a way to have a connection with nature beyond study and leisure. Now more than ever, food production is under scrutiny by the general public over welfare and environmental impacts. This is brilliant because it shows that people are caring more and more about their footprint on this Earth. One such area under constant fire is that of animal welfare in the meat and dairy industry. I am a huge meat eater, and I’m not ashamed. I ensure that I buy local meat to cut down on emission of transport. I purchase from good quality highly ethical farms and avoid like the plague anything produced using battery or intensive methods. So all in all I feel my conscious is fairly clean, however if there was one thing that does bug me it’s that I do not witness or partake in the life or death of the animal that I consume.

Self sufficiency is my ultimate ambition, the good life. I’m still a student with a bank account that represents a baboons arse more than actual money. So clearly I’m not about to tell you that I’ve invested in a farm, have livestock and that you can find my products on the shelves of Waitrose. I’m starting small with the gaining of food resource from the nature around me through spearfishing and foraging. This is a life long project which I really hope will develop into something more like the above, but lets not get too excited as of yet. There are clearly going to be a number of conflicts around this plan. For starters I’m still deep in my passion for science and where that career branch will take me is yet to be decided. Secondly, this is going to take a load of work, time and money to achieve but I think it can be done when the right minds come together.

This is simply and introduction to my new life ambition. How it will work out I have not got a clue, it could be a complete bust or an absolute dream. I’ll be putting updates up on this “blog series” of what I’ve done so far and obviously continuously write about the ups and downs of it all, so hopefully it’ll be a good read for you guys to follow. Cheers.


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