Saga of Vlad the vole: Chapter two

After the success of sustaining Vlad for the first night, things swiftly developed. Goats milk feeds were every 2 hours during the day and he was loving it! Occasional solids were offered, but he didn't show any interest in these until another few days, the picky blighter. Day 2 went on well with little to update on, but it was either that night or the next where things got a bit emotional.


West Highland Way 2016: Rain rain go away (Day 2)

There is something so natural about waking in a tent. Sunlight strikes your eyes in early morning. Its confusing and bright, so you search for some source of time. 05:40 flashes at you as bleary eyes struggle to focus and the brain tries to decipher this information like it's algebra. Next comes the sound. Wind [...]

My post-grad update #2: The species behind the research

Sea flap flaps, sea pancakes, Haray Potter, these are just a taster of names that can be applied to the beautiful and majestic animals that I'm fortunate enough to study as part of my post-graduate research program. I say "fortunate" because as a student of bioscience I've come to realise through experience that despite a [...]